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Medicare doesn't cover everything.  Typically, it works like an 80/20 plan.  Medicare covers 80% of the costs and you are left to cover the other 20%.   The problem with this is that there are no limits on how much you would owe 20% on.  Also, Medicare does not cover prescriptions; that is on you. READ MORE >>

Do you know somebody who has passed away and left their love ones nothing but bills? Most people buy life insurance to cover funeral expenses, mortgage, and debts, but are those the only reasons to have life insurance? Let’s move onto a more important question; how long will your family’s standard of living last when your income stops? READ MORE >>

The Importance of Disability Insurance What is your most important asset?  Your home?  Your Car?  For most people, it is their income. Your income pays for both the big things in life – the mortgage, car, food, utilities, vacations – and life’s little things – children’s activities, movie tickets and cell phones. READ MORE >>

               Medicare does not cover everything.  According to Kaiser Family Foundation, in 2010 the average total out-of-pocket cost for those receiving Medicare benefits was $4,734.  This was a 44% increase from $3,293 in 2000. READ MORE >>

Short Term Medical   Did you miss your window to purchase a Major Medical Plan? Then a Short Term Medical policy might be the answer to your problem. This product is designed to help people who can't purchase a major medical plan through the marketplace, and would like to have protection until 2018. READ MORE >>

Remember that  whole life insurance policy that has been sitting in the back of the desk in your spare room for 25 years now?  You may be facing different risks today than when you purchased your policy.   Put that Cash value policy to good use today!     Strategy #1 READ MORE >>

The 2017 Health Insurance Marketplace begins open enrollment on November 1, 2016, and will run through January 31, 2017. During this period, all health plans offered through the Marketplace will be accepting new enrollees. Here are 5 items to consider as the U.S. heads into the open enrollment period: READ MORE >>

If you, your spouse, or your child were diagnosed with Cancer, would your current health insurance plan cover the devastating costs associated with its treatment? According to the American Cancer Society Cancer Facts and Figures 2016 report, men in the US have a one in two... READ MORE >>

We as working individuals need to prepare for if the "money machine" goes out of order or breaks all together. When I refer to "money machine," I am referring to anyone who brings income into the house. If and when the money machine breaks, how are the bills going to get paid? READ MORE >>

Chronicles of an Insurance Advisor   Case #3: Recently, we were able to help a female client who was recently laid off and lost her health insurance coverage. Although she could continue the plan through COBRA for 18 months, the cost was unaffordable due to her drastically reduced income.  READ MORE >>

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